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Sunday, 29 March 2015


Thursday 19th March was a decidedly chilly but dry day.

In the morning, Martin and crew set up this year’s banners in the Central Library courtyard; Andrea and her team put out the tasty spread; and I put on my gloves.

At midday, as the Town Hall clock struck twelve, the programme for this year’s Swindon Festival was unveiled. Yay!

To help us celebrate, Rachel told a story about why Truth and Story go hand in hand; Jacob and Ilaria showed that good feelings come when the body is in motion; and Teresa Page, the Mayor of Swindon, proved that spontaneity in speech is no bad thing.

We had a good time. If you want to, can you can watch it here.

We expect to have an ever better time from 4th to 16th May, day after day after day.

Hope you will join us.