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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Festival Flying!

Director’s Blog has been temporarily discontinued for a good reason. The happy fully-engaged Director simply has no time to write it during the Festival.

But it will be restarted, very soon after the Festival has finished, late May, with a full, frank, and frisky round up of events.

Watch this space, late May. There’s more to say!

Meanwhile, you can always find out what our Festival Chronicler thinks of daily proceedings.

Matt Holland

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Brigid Moss - Thu 17th May - Cancelled

Due to low (no) advance tickets reservations/sales, Brigid Moss has decided to cancel her appearance at the Arts Centre that was scheduled for 6.30pm on Thursday 17th May.

Apologies to those who were planning to attend on the night.

Ali Mcnamara - Tue 15th May - Cancelled

ALI MCNAMARA, who was scheduled to appear at the Arts Centre at 6.30pm on 15th May, sadly cannot appear due to illness. As it is too late to find a suitable replacement, this event has been cancelled.

Apologies from Ali Mcnamara and the Festival.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ducklings, turkey chick, and the first day of the Festival

On Festival eve, eight ducklings hatched in dairy dining room at Lower Shaw Farm and a solitary turkey chick shell-toothed its way out of a bantam-warmed egg and joined them. They are all, of course, cute beyond belief and an attraction and distraction to Festival authors and workers alike.

But we all managed to tear ourselves away from them to set up for Dawn Chorus at 4am in Lawn Woods. Among the trees, in the early-morning darkness, as the birds’ singing was ending the Festival was beginning. The pipes played, the Samba drummers drummed, the jugglers threw fire, the Scratch Choir threw their voices and the hoola hooper her hoops, the poets and storytellers threw words to the sky, a very nice man with very nice child and a naughty balloon had us in stitches, and light cloud on the horizon parted and the rising sun lit up and warmed the frozen faces of two hundred plus who knew where the action was at dawn on the first spring Bank Holiday in Swindon. It was a great start!

Next, we headed across town to lovely Lydiard Park, story-walked 3k, freedom parkran 5k, and listened to talks on running for life and running for your life. The day ended at the Platform, once a railway workers’ chapel, now a fabulous venue where the Glow Globes played mellow tunes and we had one last story.

Pizza for supper and a great sense of gratitude for a wonderful first day of the nineteenth Swindon Festival of Literature.  And more to come. Yay!


Dawn Piper

Dawn Singers

Dawn Gathering

Jake the Juggler

Bruce Airhead and helper