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Sunday, 7 September 2014

‘With another 12 days to look forward to, we cannot relax ours’ {ie. our grip}

Thus read the last line of the last blog about the first day of the twenty-first Swindon Festival of Literature.

And there have been no blog entries since (but, in their stead, a fantastic series of Festival Chronicles), because that grip was not loosened throughout the thirteen days of the Festival; and only slightly since.

You see, the director’s lot is not really a relaxed-grip lot. It’s more a firm-grip lot. While the Festival’s on, it’s focus, concentrate, focus, on authors, events, audience, time-keeping, and innumerable practical matters of consequence; and once it’s finished, there is the mountain of paperwork to contend with, bills to pay, figures to get to accountant, evaluations to be done, and reports to be written, leaving little time for the non-statutory fun of writing this blog.

So, if you have missed it, apologies. If you have not, there’s little more to say.

But, even though the Festival is a series of live events, best in the moments when it is most live, if you are someone who likes seeing past events as captured by film-makers, here is a selection.

First, the Swindon Festival of Literature in 2007, as filmed by friend of the Festival Matt Green of Funkton Films. Many thanks Matt.

Next, to mark the Festival’s twenty-first anniversary this year, Flicky Harrison, another friend of the Festival, offered the services of Flick’s Video Productions to film parts of this year’s Festival. Here are her productions: a 6-minute short:

And a 15-minute longer version Enjoy! And many thanks Flicky.

And many thanks too to all of this year’s authors, performers, venues, sponsors, helpers, and audiences, who all played a part in the Festival’s success. Terrific!

As we move into September, we move into gear to plan for next year.

If you are an author, performer, publisher, potential sponsor, or Festival follower with a brilliant idea, suggestion, or request, please get in touch. We welcome good ideas!

And a date for your diary: 4th – 16th May 2015 for the next Swindon Festival of Literature.

Till then, keep reading and/or writing, and keep well.

Matt Holland

Photo credits: Richard Wintle – Calyx Multimedia