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See details included with each event

Tickets for most events can be booked in advance either online, by phone, or from the venue box office.


For most events, you can book your tickets online by clicking the "Book this event online" link beside the event details. All bookable events can also be found in the May section at


To book by phone, call the number beside the event.


Or, on the day, tickets, if still available, can be bought on the door at each venue.

But please, with popular events, please check first for availability!

The ticket price in brackets applies to people entitled to concessions.


Most evening events scheduled at Swindon Arts Centre are available to buy as a double ticket at a reduced price. But these discounted tickets cannot be bought online. Should you wish to purchase double tickets, please call the box office on 01793 524481.

If you have any queries about booking or the Festival in general, please email us or ring 01793 771080.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Festival Flying!

Director’s Blog has been temporarily discontinued for a good reason. The happy fully-engaged Director simply has no time to write it during the Festival.

But it will be restarted, very soon after the Festival has finished, late May, with a full, frank, and frisky round up of events.

Watch this space, late May. There’s more to say!

Meanwhile, you can always find out what our Festival Chronicler thinks of daily proceedings.

Matt Holland