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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Spring and South America come to Swindon

A week is not a long time in Literature. After all, one famous writer reckoned that he spent a morning putting a comma in and the afternoon taking it out again, and considered that a good day’s work.

Since the Festival programme was launched al fresco on that sunny midday in the Central Library courtyard last week, Swindon’s car fuel station’s have had their underground tanks sucked dry by queues of motorists but our helpmates at e-motion (see have still managed to deliver programmes throughout the region.

Alas, with timing to make an organiser’s heart sink, two authors have ‘had to cancel’: Jane Costello 15th May as result of being called up for jury service, and Mark Lynas, 10th May, summoned by the president of Korea. (Didn’t say if it was Lee Myung-bak of the South or Kim Jong-un of the North.)

But spring sunshine is still saying yes to all things to do with life and Literature in  Swindon.

This week saw lots of writing-related action at the Festival’s HQ, Lower Shaw Farm.  The Toothill Long Poem, created by Hilda Sheehan and West Swindon students, got its first run out before a discerning Writers’ Cafe and workshop audience.  On the same night, across the farm yard, busy mums made time to work on their magazine, aiming to launch it at the Festival on 10th May.

Already, on the very first day of April, we warm up for the Festival proper with a little Paraguayan fiesta, this Sunday 1st April.

PARAGUAY at the PLATFORM • The Platform, Faringdon Road, Swindon • Tel 01793 466454 or on the door • 7.30pm • Sunday 1 April • £5

An open mic event for guitarists, violinists, singers, poets, and storytellers from Swindon to meet harpists, musicians, and friends from Paraguay.

Presented in association with the Swindon Festival of Literature and Paraguay’s Sonidos de la Tierra.

Performers will include international music maestro Luis Szarán, harp-playing twins Margaret & Rosemary, Rebecca the Mastermind expert on Paraguay, and Swindon’s newest band Jamocracy, plus cool poets, hot storytellers, and doubtless a surprise or two.

You can come too! Bring your instrument, your ideas, your poem, your story, your song, or just yourself along.

Hope to see you there!

Hasta pronto amigos y amigas.

Matt Holland