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Monday, 2 May 2011

Still up baking biscuits

I've just returned from an evening up at Lower Shaw Farm for supper and helpers’ (of which I am one) meeting. Tomorrow is May morning and the first day of the Literature Festival. It's busy: there's a porter-loo in the drive sitting on top of a truck, there are people chatting around a camp fire, there are all kinds of people in all kinds of beds and some that are still up baking biscuits. Matt lost his festival T Shirt and Andrea found it but could not refresh his browser so he can read this blog...there are only so many things a woman can do as I know very well. There has been drama...access to the park was very tricky because we had the wrong key for the calls were made and a nice local councillor took a bolt-cutter to the lock so that festivities can take place in the morning (phew!) Now the porter loo can take its prominent and essential place under the trees along side performers, chairs, poetry pods, bunting, posters, hot tea, bacon rolls and hopefully hundreds of lovely Swindonians ready to get our festival on the road.
Domestic Cherry magazine will be launched and thankfully Jill found the right outfit to match the occasion...
"As you suggested the praying flipping worked because I have just found my entire vintage collection of paisley crimpolene et al  (buried under a knitted castle), together with the lovely chinzy number Jan favoured for the Radstock Festival. Now I am in a whirl about what goes with might still go down to the pyjamas ensemble, who knows.  And wear something a little more tasteful for the Domestic cherry launch on Tues eve at the Arts Centre, there is plenty of black curtains to hide behind there.  Sorry Hilds, Ursula and myself may be the only ones braving the elements at dawn. Gulp. But we will be rewarded with a bacon buttie hopefully. xx Happy May Day. Jill"
Off to bed now as I must be up at 3:45 to hang bunting, set up the picnic table and lay out the jammy dodgers with Ursula.
good night for now
Mabel Watson